Happiness = Success

Happy 21

Leila suggested me to create Happy 21, which recode happiness in 21 days. At the beginning, it is difficult for me because my happiness formula is Endeavor = Success = Happiness and it is an irreversible formula. I never, ever try to find happiness at first.

In the first three day, I just thank my parents and my boyfriend who are support me and help me. I only consider big clues instead of the small details in life. I decided to find the reason to answer ‘why happiness important to me’.

Shawn Achor did a presentation in TED.com, he presented why people should find happiness at first. Most companies and schools teach people if you work harder, you will be more successful, and then you will be happy. In fact, 75% of our job success is predicted not by intelligence, but by optimism, social support network and the ability to manage energy and stress in a positive way.

Then I am looking for every happiness clue in my life. I found happiness is around me if I am willing to observe my life. Achor think positive psychology is to explain how much we can change, and offers practical applications for reaping the ‘Happiness Advantage’ in the midst of change and challenge. Therefore, his happiness formula is Happiness = Success.

In fact, no every one has too many happy things in the day. But people are able to create it in the workplace. Achor suggests that ‘send an appreciative email’, ‘smiling is contagious’, ‘give thanks’, ‘never give up on the good times’, ‘have fun’, and ‘meditate’.


Movies solitude vs. comedy

In my memory, American movies like personal heroism, such as superman or spider-man, only the person can save the world. Of course, sex is the common element in most of American movies.


I am looking for other types of movies-Into the Wild that is reflecting solitude. To be honest, I just felt so depressive emotion when I first watched it. I don’t understand Chris what he wants. Looks like he want to seek something, but he didn’t get until he dead.


So I decided watched second times. I think Chris luck a positive relationship between he and his parents. He can’t get love from his family and he refused talk with his parents. He chosen the Wild, because he think he can get peace or happiness. From my family culture, I will talk with my parents instead of leaving. Leaving is not solving problems wherever he is.


I prefer comedy or happy ending. I think The Internship is to give people confidence. By the way, my boyfriend is looking for job now; we need some positive things during this time. Billy and Nick used their ways to finish job. At the begin of the movie, I felt Billy and Nick are so poor. They are old, don’t k social media, don’t have higher education, etc The Internship” stuffs some creaky gear-shifts and boring exposition in its first 15 minutes; even Will Ferrell’s one scene falls a little flat. But the Google interview is the moment the film explodes. The energy is uproarious. They are abandoned by the society. However, they never give up to themselves. I like the positive spirit because I need it to cross-difficult barriers.


I think people should be to actively solve the problem rather than complain. I always thank people who help me, and I am willing to help others. So I am going to write Happy 21 in next week. Of course, you can find it on Facebook


social media for small businesses

For many small businesses, expensive advertising is a huge burden for them, especially for beginners. So most business owners have to find an appropriate way to build brand awareness in the initial phases. Social media is a great way to promote your company with low input. However, business owners have to build social media marketing plan at first, and quality of this plan directly affect propagating effect.

Create applications



There are various applications are available for public, and some of them are free for users. Businesses owners have to decide two things: (1) how many applications they would like to use? (2) what application they want to create? These questions depend on your business research, such as target consumers, business type and influencers. If your business is B2B brand, you probably find limited information on Facebook. Same ting, if your target is young age people, LinkedIn is not a great choose. If you have no idea about applications, then you can learn influencers in your industry. Influencers has mature social media marketing plan so you can follow them and try to find some useful cues.

Social media marketing plan

Now, small business owners need consider something: (1) what content should post? (2) how often post it ? (3) attract audiences and keep them. For first question, small business owners should post more information about their business until they identify consumers’ needs. Then, owners should create time schedule to mange their accounts. Moreover, owners also need link their accounts together in order to let consumers learn more about their business. Then, owners should think about keep their ‘followers’ on social media. Owners must pay attention to their needs based on interaction from social media.

If you create a great social media marketing plan, then you get half success. Hope you find useful information from my blog.

See you next week!


social media = future of marketing

For some companies, social media marketing probably is a new business stratagem, especially company’s target consumers are not familiar with social media. However, they still need pay attention to it for future development.

The vast number of social media users in the worldwide

The survey shows 65% Internet users used social networking sites, such as Facebook or Linkedin, up from 61% the previous year in the U.S. 35% of adults have cell phones with apps in 2010; 68% of all Americans say the internet has had a major impact on the ability of groups to communicate with members in 2011.

China, no Facebook, no Twitter, no YouTube, but this country has 513 million users, more double the 245 million users in the U.S. China also has the wrold’s most active environment for social media, because users spend more than 40 percent of their time online on social media.

Comapare with Asia- Pacific, the Middle East and Africa will have the second-largest audience starting this year, 2014.



Actual users are your consumers in the future

You may say, people like social media because they are young or actual users are young people who are not target consumers for my company. Yes, the data shows 83% Internet users are 18-29 years old. However, they are future of the U.S. When they become the backbone of the country, they will have stronger financial capacity, have more needs. In the future, you have to think about their needs, their consumption habit. I can tell you, social media is one of thing that they can’t abandon.

The functions of social media



No matter you are individual user or organizational user, you can make money through social media if you complete understand it. Have you hear about eating show? In South Korea, pretty 33-year-old woman used this way to make money- $ 9,300 dollars each month. Of course, you can find her videos on Youtube…very interested.

Hope you will enjoy my blog, see you next week!



Think about that before plastic surgery

No matter you like it or don’t like it, there is a phenomenon some people do plastic surgery to change their life. I was think surgery only for patient who got serious disease, but now…totally change. I think three things people should consider before plastic surgery.



Plastics surgery is not inexpensive thing for all people. The pictures come from The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. As you can see, some items are expensive, such as Breast augmentation-saline implants $ 3,308 more than my tuition fees.



Every surgery has risk! The term of risk not only refer to consumers don’t like operation result but also refer to damage consumers’ life. The news come from DailyMail, a women, age 51, died after plastic surgery. CNN also reported that a model died for buttock surgery. Actually, you can find much news about it online. The other situation may not be so serious but consumers may become worse. Eyes can’t closed, nose look so strange, etc. from Today Health, the woman can’t close her eyes after plastic surgery. she won $ 115k in suit against plastic surgery, but she said she still at risk for blindness. Surgery is Surgery.


I think every one choose plastic surgery has own reason, such as for career, for self-confidence or for beauty. No matter which one, I think people should as themselves why I need do it. There is increasing research show that beautiful people make more money and have more opportunities for advancement. South Koreans undergo more plastic surgery per capita than anywhere else in the world. One Korean girl said new look has not only made them more popular with boy, but also helped her professionally. Not Korean people, American also has same reason. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reports that, men and women requested cosmetic surgery because they wanted to remain competitive in the workplace.

Think about above three things, and make the reasonable decision. Next week, I will talk about development of social media in the worldwide. See you soon.


Never stop to seek beauty

Roman Philosopher Plautus (254-184 BC) wrote, “A women without paint is like food without salt. ”

People dress up themselves since the beginning of human civilization. People used scented oil to clean their skin and body at 10,000 BCE. In addition, they used oil to protect their body against the hot Egyptian sun, that is men’s earliest sunscreen.


After people found mineral from nature, they used it to color their face and body.


In Europe, women liked white so they want to create the appearance of a paler complexion. They used arsenic and lead to make their skin white…obviously, they must face to health issue. Until now, some cosmetics products still have unhealthy elements. Therefore, women must pay attention it especially pregnant women.


In Asian, women also infatuated white so they used rice powder to color their face. Today, most women still like white, that why cosmetics companies created a lot of skincare products to make skin white and bright, such as Nutritious, Estee Lauder.

With development of technology, people create various ways to seek beauty, such as medicine or plastic surgery. some bigger companies have strong finance ability, they create studio to study high-technology skincare products, such as Shiseido, It is a Japanese public company that the primary products include hair and beauty products. The company very cares quality of products, and its goal is producing the highest-quality products to consumers. Therefore, the company hired over 1000 researchers work in around 10 research centers and 15 production facilities in the worldwide. Some women have acne issue even they are adult, so companies study it and create pills to cure it, such as Skin Clear Supplements, Perricone MD. It is not end, people create plastic surgery to change face or body in order to let women beauty immediately.

Personally, I think the trend of seeking beauty is never stop because it has been already be a part of our life.

I hope you enjoy my blog and I will talk about plastic surgery in next week!

See you soon!


social media > social networking


Social media vs. social networking

To be honesty, I had never noticed difference between social media and social networking since Dr. Leila mentioned it in last week. Therefore, I really want to share it with you.

l.   Meaning

The meaning of social media is referring to a way to transmit, share information with public audiences. Thus every user has opportunity to create information and accept information.

Social networking is how users connect, interact or engage with others. It is available to group of people that have common minds.

lI.   In marketing

Social media is most often used in advertising and online engagement with parties outside a firm. When the content is really good, it gets passed around to social media. In the past, people used TV, radio, and newspaper to transfer information; now, people used Internet to do it.

Determining target audiences and topic are the first step when you want to create social media channel. One channel should have one clear topic so you are able to get continuous attention from target audiences. As an audience, if I want to learn cooking skill, then I will watch “stevescooking” that only teaching audiences how to cook. If I want to know how to feed ragdoll, then I will watch “Floppycats” because her videos only focus on ragdoll cat.

Social networking is based on interpersonal relationship, and it is a tiny form of social media, such as Facebook. Usually, social networking is hanging out with friends and family. Let me give u example, when I was a child, my grandfather didn’t has mobile phone so he use a notebook to record his all friends’ phone number and mail address. The notebook was my grandfather’ social circle. Now, I am using Weibo, Facebook..etc to connect my friends, it is social networking.pocket_phone_book_by_maladie_stockweibo-645x250

Therefore, you have clear image to show the number of audiences, gender etc. after they followed your channel. Based on social networking, people are able to create conversation, build relationship and grow following. Someone will create new social networking account to do business, or someone will use his or her personal account.

Personally speaking, I think creating a new social networking account to promote products/ideal is great because I am not willing to see any information about sales promotion in my social circle. I don’t know how about you, tell me what you think

I hope you enjoy me blog, and waiting for your comments.